The following events occurred in the 16th century:


  • 1502: The latest year that Contessa di Salvatore could have died. Giuseppe's anger worsens, entering drunken rages and beating Damon, who also takes Stefan's beatings. Giuseppe begins to take young mistresses after his wife's death.


  • Between 1515 and 1518: Baron von Swartzschild takes his daughter, Katarina, to the Salvatore estate to recover from her illness. She falls in love with Stefan, and the Baron and Giuseppe talk of marriage. Damon returns from the University and also falls in love with Katarina. Katarina tells them both individually that she is a vampire. Seeing how she has torn the brothers apart, she fakes her death, and the Salvatores kill one another in a rage, awaking as vampires. Stefan begins living on animals outside the city walls and Damon leaves the city.

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