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Ailsa[1] McCullough (née MacLachlan[2]; fl. 2010s) was a human and daughter of the psychic MacLachlan. At some point in her life, Ailsa performed a dumb supper and saw Colin McCullough's face. A month later, they were married.

Ailsa and Colin had five daughters, named Sheena, Janet, Elspie, Mary and Bonnie. Her friendship with Mrs. Forbes may have led to Bonnie's friendship with Caroline. Bonnie was also friends with Matt Honeycutt, who repaired her unreliable car several times.[3]


In mid-October, 2013, Ailsa, Colin and Mary went to Leesburg, Virginia for several days.[4] During their trip, the family's pet Yangtze was killed by Katarina von Swartzschild.

On June 7, 2014, Ailsa was unhappy that Matt Honeycutt and Meredith Sulez stayed at the house so late, and advised Bonnie to stay home the following day given Klaus's attack at Caroline Forbes's house on June 6.[5]

In June, 2014, Mrs. Forbes told Ailsa that Caroline would not be attending the graduation ceremony due to the flu, although, in actuality, she was staying at an apartment in Heron while coming to terms with Sue Carson's death.[6]

In August, 2014, Ailsa suggested to Bonnie that she go shopping for things for her room at Dalcrest College.[7]

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