Caroline Forbes' diary
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Before October, 1991


To record experiences and thoughts


Caroline Forbes

Meredith Sulez: "This book is useless. Unless we want to blackmail her with it. You know, like we won't show hers if she won't show yours."
Bonnie McCullough: "There's nothing bad about Caroline in here; it's all just complaints about other people. Mostly us. I'll bet Caroline would love to have it read out loud in front of the whole school. It'd make her day."
Meredith Sulez and Bonnie McCullough after finding Caroline's diary[src]

Caroline Forbes wrote in a diary at least during the autumn of 1991. It was emerald green in colour, and she kept it hidden under her matress in her bedroom.

Damon Salvatore, in an effort to protect Elena Gilbert, swapped Elena's diary, which Caroline had stolen and planned to read in front of all the townspeople on Founders' Day, with Caroline's own diary. In anger, Caroline threw it at Elena after storming off of the stage.


Elena's the most selfish person I've ever known. Everyone thinks she's so together, but it's really just coldness. It's sickening the way people suck up to her, never realising that she doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything except Elena.[1]

Bonnie's almost as bad these days, always trying to make herself important. The newest thing is pretending she's psychic so people will pay attention to her. If she was really psychic she'd figure out that Elena is just using her.[1]

Meredith doesn't do anything to stop it. In fact, Meredith doesn't do anything; she just watches. It's as if she can't act; she can only react to things. Besides, I've heard my parents talking about her family – no wonder she never mentions them.[1]


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