Mrs. Clarke
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Admissions secretary at Robert E. Lee High School (fl.2013)


Robert E. Lee High School

"Mrs. Clarke was fumbling through piles of paper now, looking dazed. At last she found a form of some kind and wrote on it, then turned it around and pushed it toward the boy. The boy wrote briefly on the form — signing it, probably — and returned it. Mrs. Clarke stared at it a second, then fumbled through a new pile of papers, finally handing what looked like a class schedule to him. Her eyes never left the boy as he took it, inclined his head in thanks, and turned to the door."

Mrs. Clarke (fl.2013) was the admissions secretary at Robert E. Lee High School. On September 4, 2013, Stefan Salvatore attempted to enrol at the school, but Mrs. Clarke was unable to allow his enrolment. After a moment's thought, Stefan decided to Influence her into approving his enrolment and handing him a class schedule.[1]


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