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Colin[1] McCullough (fl. 1990s) was the son of Ms. McCullough, and husband of Ailsa MacLachlan. The two had five daughters; Sheena, Janet, Elspie, Mary and Bonnie. Colin married Ailsa a month after she saw his image during a dumb supper.[2]

In October, 2013, Colin, Ailsa and Mary went to Leesburg. During their absence, Yangtze, whom Colin disliked,[3] was killed by Katarina von Swartzschild.[4] When Elena Gilbert stayed at the McCullough house one night, Mr. McCullough rescued her from a crow with a broom, beating it out of the window before slamming it shut. As the locks were removed and the window open, Colin believed that Elena had left it open herself, and went about putting the locks back on.[5] Colin, Ailsa and Mary thought that Elena was hysterical and overreacting, but, regardless, he drove her and Bonnie to the Gilbert house.[6]

Colin attended Elena's memorial service, and rushed outside after the Influenced dogs arrived.[7] He later told Bonnie that he believed that the attack on the Quonset hut was a dog.[8]


Notes and referencesEdit

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