Damon Salvatore: "When I'm a vampire again, let me Influence you not to be so much afraid of a bite. I swear I won’t take more than a teaspoon. But that would give me time to show you—"
Meredith Sulez: "A nice big house of candy that never existed? A relative who died ten years ago and who would have abhorred the thought of you taking my memory of her and using it as a lure? A dream of ending world hunger that doesn't put food into one mouth?"
Meredith Sulez using Counter-Influence against Damon Salvatore[src]

A Counter-Influence is taught to hunter-slayers during their training to protect them from being Influenced by vampires.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. "This girl, thought Damon, is dangerous. It's like a Counter-Influence that they've taught to their members." (The Return: Midnight - Chapter 8)

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