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"And now for the students who will perform the closing ceremonies. Please show your appreciation for the Spirit of Independence, the Spirit of Fidelity, and the Spirit of Fell's Church!"
—Mayor Dawley[src]

Mayor Dawley (fl.2013) was the mayor of Fell's Church, Virginia. He attended the Founders' Day celebration in 2013, sat in a buggy with his wife, Mrs Dawley, and Elena Gilbert, who was nominated as Spirit of Fell's Church.[1] They ate luncheon at the Robert E. Lee High School cafeteria, where he gave a speech of welcome about the "trying time" the town had faced before giving out awards.[2] He exchanged tight-lipped frowns with Brian Newcastle during Caroline Forbes's speech,[3] trying to restore order afterwards without success.[4]


Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. "She listened almost indifferently to Mayor Dawley's speech of welcome. He spoke about the "trying time" Fell's Church had faced recently, and about the community spirit that had sustained them these past months. Then awards were given out, for scholarship, for athletics, for community service." (The Struggle - Chapter 14)
  3. "The audience was murmuring, getting impatient. Mayor Dawley and the high school principal were exchanging tight-lipped frowns." (The Struggle - Chapter 14)
  4. "Mayor Dawley was beside her, urging her forward, quieting the crowd, trying to restore order. It was no use. (The Struggle - Chapter 14)

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