Dyer, West Virginia
Location information

West Virginia


Dalcrest College students

Matt Honeycutt: "Oh... well, I guess there's Dalcrest."
Meredith Sulez: "Where?"
Matt Honeycutt: "You know, that little campus in Dyer."
Matt Honeycutt and Meredith Sulez on Dalcrest College[src]

Dyer is an unincorporated community located in West Virginia, near Pine Grove[1] and about half an hour from Fell's Church.[2] It is home to Dalcrest College, and its local newspaper is the Dyer County Herald.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. 1.0 1.1 "Damon Salvatore sat in a back booth of the most seedy and disreputable joint in all of Pine Grove , which was the most seedy and disreputable village to be found near Dyer , the little town that embraced Dalcrest College. He was reading the Dyer County Herald." (Evensong: Paradise Lost)
  2. Matt Honeycutt: But it's only half an hour away. (The Return: Midnight - Chapter 3)

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