Fell house
Location information

Fell's Church, Virginia

"After coming home I cast the runes. I have told no one but Thomas the results."
Honoria Fell[src]

The Fell house was the home of the Fell family. Thomas and Honoria presumably built it after founding the town of Fell's Church, some years before the American Civil War.[1] It was located near the original Smallwood house.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. In The Awakening, the oldest buildings of the town are said to be a hundred and fifty years old. As the book takes place in 1991, this would make the oldest buildings built in 1841.
  2. Honoria Fell: Wolf trouble at the Smallwoods' again. We heard the screams a few minutes ago, and Thomas said it was time. He made the bullets yesterday. He has loaded his rifle and we will walk over. (Dark Reunion - Chapter 10)

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