Meredith DR

Meredith Sulez, a hunter-slayer.

"Damon had met several hunter-slayers - briefly - in his time. They were, in his consideration, bigoted, unreasonable, and even more stupid than the average human, because they'd usually been brought up on legends of vampires with fangs like tusks who ripped out the throats of their victims and killed them. Damon would be the first to admit that there were some vampires like that, but most were more restrained. Vampire hunters usually worked in groups, but Damon had a hunch that this one would be alone."

A hunter-slayer (known as a hunter-killer in the American West) is an individual who specializes in finding and killing vampires, and perhaps over eldritch creatures such as demons and werewolves.[1] The tradition is often kept alive through families, such as the Rodriguez and Sulez families in order to keep the incidences out of the news,[2] and they are known to usually operate in groups.[3] Among countless martial arts, Counter-Influence is also taught and learnt by hunter-slayers.


"We're just ordinary folk, trying to get a job done so innocent humans will be safer. [...] People who feel that it's wrong to Influence other people into believing they're getting something for nothing."
Meredith Sulez[src]

Hunter-slayers see it as their duty to protect the innocent from eldritch creatures. They particularly dislike vampires' use of Influence on humans, which is why they are taught a Counter-Influence to protect themselves.


  • A hunter-slayer must keep their line of work hidden from all but their family and fellow hunter-slayers
  • Professional help concerning mental health is forbidden[4]
  • Hunter-slayers must not divulge information relating to their kind to anyone

Notable hunter-slayersEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Sulez fighting stave had wood for vampires, white ash for Old Ones, silver for werewolves and iron for other eldritch creatures, implying that hunter-slayers hunt others in addition to vampires.
  2. Meredith Sulez: It was because my parents didn't actively pursue the family business - they didn't know. They were both from hunter families, of course - you have to be, to keep it out of the tabloids and - (The Return: Midnight - Chapter 8)
  3. "Vampire hunters usually worked in groups, but Damon had a hunch that this one would be alone." (The Return: Midnight - Chapter 7)
  4. Mrs. Flowers: Dear Meredith may have decided to block out the truth herself. With a child of three it's hard to say. If they never got her professional help... / Meredith Sulez: Against the code. (The Return: Midnight - Chapter 14)

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