Katherine's ring
Katarina von Swartzschild's ring
Object information

Gudren (indirectly)


15th century

  • To protect Katarina from sunlight
  • To protect Elena Gilbert from sunlight

This ring was made at the request of Gudren for Katarina von Swartzschild, for whom the lapis lazuli that it contained would protect her from the sunlight, having just been turned into a vampire by Klaus.[1]

Katarina later left the ring in a pile of ashes and animal fat to convince Damon and Stefan Salvatore that she was dead.[1] Stefan took to carrying the ring around his neck, before giving it to Elena Gilbert in 1991.[2] Elena used it after becoming a vampire, until Katarina removed it on 13 December before attempting to kill her. Stefan took it after Elena's death, in memory of her, and wore it around his neck as he had after Katherine staged her death.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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