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Grannie MacLachlan (by Bonnie McCullough)

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"A life full of excitement, but not a life of stability. And you have the Sight, my girl. Far more so than any MacLachlan before you. Add to that talents of the McCulloughs, and— Do ye ken what I'm talking about at all, girl? No, ye ken nothing about it now. But you will, my girl. While you're still a lassie, you will."
—MacLachlan to Bonnie[src]

MacLachlan[2] (d. September, 19861991[1]) was a witch who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. She had a daughter who later married Mr. McCullough and had four daughters, including Mary and Bonnie. Like her grandmother, MacLachlan was a witch.

In 1986, MacLachlan visited her daughter and her family, and sensed that Bonnie possessed the Sight, and psychic abilities that surpassed those of any in the MacLachlan or McCullough families.

MacLachlan knew when she was going to die, so she sent Bonnie her birthday present a month early. She died one September between 1986 and 1991.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 In After Hours, Bonnie said that "she knew when she was going to die because she sent me my birthday present a whole month early". As Bonnie's birthday is 1 October, it can be deduced that MacLachlan sent the birthday present in late August, meaning that she died at some point shortly after that. It is known that MacLachlan was alive in 1986 as she visited the McCulloughs one final time, but she was dead by 3 October, 1991.
  2. "But Grannie MacLachlan, who had always known where to find lost keys and missing TV remotes and who had always known when the phone was going to ring—she had looked gravely into Bonnie’s hand the last time she had visited Bonnie's family." (After Hours)

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