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"A life full of excitement, but not a life of stability. And you have the Sight, my girl. Far more so than any MacLachlan before you. Add to that talents of the McCulloughs, and—"
Ms. MacLachlan to Bonnie McCullough[src]

MacLachlan is the surname of a Scottish family descended from the Celtic druids. Every two generations, a witch is born, which began a tradition of psychic grandmothers teaching their psychic granddaughters which is evident with Bonnie McCullough and her grandmother, who was, in turn, taught by her own grandmother.


The MacLachlan family originated in Ireland before emigrating to Scotland. They were descended from the Celtic druids, who existed during the Iron Age. which led to psychic abilities being passed down, but "always skipping a generation". This began a tradition of grandmothers teaching their granddaughters what they, in turn, had been taught.

Family treeEdit

       Celtic druids
  MacLachlan's grandmother
     MacLachlan's parent
     Ailsa MacLachlan + Colin McCullough
              |                  |                    |
        Two daughters     Mary McCullough     Bonnie McCullough


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