First Date
Matt & Elena: First Date

L.J. Smith

Publication information
Release date

August 16, 2010[1]



Preceded by

Blood Will Tell

Followed by

Matt & Elena: Tenth Date: On Wickery Pond

"Cuddly, romantic—the greatest danger in this story is the risk of social humiliation."
L.J. Smith[1]

Matt & Elena: First Date (also Matt and Elena: First Date) is the second instalment of the An Untold Tale series, uploaded onto on August 16, 2010.[1] The story centers around Matt Honeycutt's first date with Elena Gilbert in the fall of 2012.[1]

Author's notesEdit

"In a completely new story written specifically for this site, we get a look back in time to Matt and Elena’s first date, a year before Elena will meet Stefan. Matt takes Elena to the most expensive restaurant around, and finds that she isn't the Ice Princess he's been expecting. Cuddly, romantic—the greatest danger in this story is the risk of social humiliation."[1]

Character indexEdit

Main article: An Untold Tale (character index)#Matt & Elena: First Date

Notes and referencesEdit

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First arc
The Awakening · The Struggle · The Fury · Dark Reunion
The Return
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Paradise Lost · The War of Roses · Into the Wood
An Untold Tale
Blood Will Tell · Matt & Elena: First Date · Matt & Elena: Tenth Date: On Wickery Pond · Elena's Christmas · After Hours
Ghostwritten books
The Hunters
Phantom · Moonsong · Destiny Rising
The Salvation
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