McCullough Diary
McCullough Diary
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Before 18 October, 1893


To record experiences and thoughts


The McCullough Diary was a 19th century journal that belonged to McCullough. Its entries included two from October, 1893, and, being a historical literal artefact, it came under the ownership of the library in Fell's Church.


18 October, 1893
Dear Diary
I met the stangest
woman today while
eating lunch in that
little bakery in town.
She seemed only a
little older than me,
but her eyes were so
old! She came up to
me and told me this
poem, with a stern
warning that it should
be remembered for the
To summon the one
who can forge
the sharing of strength
Bring the light of blue sky
to the light of bright earth
beneath a ring of silver
in a place of new earth

I think the poem
is very important
somehow so I must
remember to write
it into my spellbook,
next to the Spell
of Binding. Then
I must hide that
book, the magic in
it is too powerful
to fall into the
wrong hands. All
the way home I found
myself thinking of
the symbolology.
Forging a circle of
sharing sounds
like a reference
to a ring,

wedding ring,
or something like
Circle of silver
might mean a
ring and new earth
might mean a
garden or.....
on a darker level, a
place where earth

is made earth again.

23 October, 1893
The sky is so blue
this morning! It looks
like lapis.
hey !!! maybe
that's what

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the 18 October entry, "strangest" is misspelt as "stangest".
  • A 19th century woman would be very unlikely to write or say "hey!!!" as McCullough did in her diary.


Notes and referencesEdit

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