Phantom (Boekerij)
Meredith Teresa Consolacion Maria Sulez
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June 6, 1974

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Merry (during childhood)

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Cristian Sulez

"A girl trying to do her best to keep her balance and concentration, in a world that had gone insane. A girl still reeling from what she'd learned about her own family, and now tottering from the need to confirm a dreadful suspicion."

Meredith Teresa Consolacion Maria[1] Sulez (b. 6 June, 1974) was the human daughter of Fernando and Gabriella Sulez (née Rodriguez) and twin sister of Cristian. She and her brother were changed into half-vampires by Klaus at the age of three, and she was raised as a vampire-hunter.

In 1991, Meredith helped fight against Katarina von Swartzschild and Klaus. Following Klaus's defeat, her grandfather told her about the location of the Sulez fighting stave, which she wielded during her fight against Shinichi, Misao and Inari, and later against Jealousy.

Meredith had a romantic relationship with Alaric Saltzman, whom she planned to marry following her graduation from Dalcrest College.



Meredith and Cristian were born on 6 June, 1974 to Fernando and Gabriella Sulez. They were apparently close to their maternal grandparents, who seemed to have lived with them.

The family lived in a large house, which included security guards positioned at the gates, with their housekeeper, Janet, and they enjoyed a privileged lifestyle in Fell's Church, Virginia.

Klaus's attack and aftermathEdit

"I'll just leave you this one, then, and you can worry about what she will turn out to be. The boy I'm taking with me. [...] Just see she gets a tablespoon [of blood] a week. If you want her to live, that is. Try a blood pudding."

On Meredith and Cristian's third birthday, Klaus broke into the house after killing the security guards with one blow each. He proceeded to kill the twins' grandmother and attack their grandfather before feeding on one or both of the twins. Fernando and Gabriella then arrived, and watched Meredith drinking Cristian's blood before Klaus tried to kidnap the two of them, but Meredith bit his hand down to the bone with her new vampiric canines. Klaus decided to leave her and take her brother, telling Fernando and Gabriella that she should be fed a tablespoon of blood a week.

"My parents started celebrating it a week early because June 6 was too upsetting for them. It was the day my grandfather was attacked and went crazy."

As a result of the attack, Gabriella's father was sent to a mental hospital in West Virginia after becoming violent. Cristian's kidnapping, Meredith becoming half-vampire and Gabriella's parents dead and institutionalized respectively caused Fernando and Gabriella to begin celebrating Meredith's birthday a week earlier, on May 30, instead. Heeding Klaus's advice, Gabriella also began feeding Meredith blood sausage once a week.

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  • In the television series, the character Meredith Fell appears.
  • Meredith's revelation as a half-vampire was initially meant to be a plotline in The Hunters trilogy. However, the ghostwriter continuing the books made this intended storyline impossible by mentioning that Meredith's vampirism was cured in The Hunters: Phantom.



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