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August, 2014 (revived)


Mooseburger (by Bonnie McCullough)



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Rebecca (niece)


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Ridgemont Sheriff's Department

"You heard what sort of filth he was teaching them. He'll sing a different tune when he sees a semi-automatic Glock pistol aimed at his head."
—Mossberg on Shinichi[src]

Sheriff Rich Mossberg (d.August, 2014 [revived]) was the sheriff of Ridgemont. He was involved with Fell's Church Sheriff's Department by August 2014. He was killed in the Old Wood after going after Shinichi and the children of Fell's Church, with his femur later found covered in malach bites.[1][2]


"Mr Honeycutt, we don't like prank calls of this sort. We frown upon them, in fact. It takes up the valuable time of our officers, and besides, it happens to be a crime to make a false report to the police. If I wanted to, Mr Honeycutt, I could charge you with this crime and make you answer to a judge. I don't see just what you find so amusing about it."
—Sheriff Mossberg[src]

After Matt Honeycutt reported a fallen tree, the Fell's Church Sheriff's Separtment found that there was no such tree blocking the road (due to the malach in the Old Wood), prompting Sheriff Mossberg to believe that Matt had made a false claim and might be behind the disappearing stop and yield signs. He called Matt's residence, and spoke to Mrs Honeycutt about her son and his whereabouts. She told him about Matt's destroying his car and that he had not come home that night. The car's destruction, paired with a Neighborhood Watch report of a suspicious Jaguar, led Mossberg to believe that Matt may be a thief.[3]

Sheriff Mossberg called Matt's mobile phone, questioning him and voicing his beliefs. He was told that the suspicious Jaguar belonged to Stefan Salvatore, confirmed by his "girlfriend", Meredith Sulez.[3]

After Caroline Forbes claimed that Matt had raped her, Sheriff Mossberg went to his house, the Sulez house and the McCullough house before going to the Flowers boardinghouse. He was met with opposition from Mrs Flowers, Meredith and Bonnie McCullough, and was unable to search the premises due to the lack of a warrant.[4]

Mossberg found Matt in Fell's Church Cemetery, where he attempted to arrest him on suspicion of assault and battery against Caroline Forbes. However, Matt brought Shinichi and the children of the town to his attention, and he realised that his niece, Rebecca, was among them. Ignoring Matt, he entered the Old Wood to go after them.[5] He was murdered.[1]

Matt and Mrs Flowers found his femur in the Old Wood, covered in malach bites.[1][2]

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