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Ridgemont is a town in Virginia. It is home to a community of werewolves.[1] The local newspaper, the Ridgemont Times, is the largest newspaper in the area of Fell's Church,[2] to which the town is connected by Old Wood Road.




Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Stefan Salvatore: It looks as if there is a whole community of werewolves in Ridgemont. Seeded among the various Bear and Moose and Lions Clubs of course. For spying on the only creatures they're scared of: humans. (The Return: Midnight - Chapter 23)
  2. "Elena took the Ridgemont Times from Meredith. It was the biggest paper in the area of Fell's Church." (The Return: Shadow Souls - Chapter 11)
  3. Meredith Sulez: Jimmy, you have to call Dr Alpert right away, and then I think they're going to have to go to the hospital in Ridgemont. (The Return: Nightfall - Chapter 20)

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