Ridgemont hospital
Location information

Ridgemont, Virginia

"Jimmy, you have to call Dr Alpert right away, and then I think they're going to have to go to the hospital in Ridgemont."
Meredith Sulez[src]

The hospital in Ridgemont is the nearest hospital to Fell's Church. Sophia Alpert attempted to take Isobel Saitou to the hospital after she permanently damaged herself under the influence of malach,[1] but a tree blocked their way on the Old Wood Road.[2] She later managed to get her there.[3] Matt Honeycutt later visited her there.[4]


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Healthcare facilities
Fell's Church clinic · Ridgemont hospital · Roanoke hospital · West Virginia mental hospital
Sophia Alpert · Feinberg · Lowen
Theophilia Flowers · Mary McCullough
Other personnel
Unidentified medical examiner

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