Salvatore estate
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Italian countryside, near Florence


Giuseppe Salvatore


Salvatore family

"He told her of his father, that solid Renaissance man, and of his world in Florence and at their country estate."

The Salvatore estate was a country estate[1] located in the Italian countryside,[2] near Florence. It was the home of Conte and Contessa di Salvatore and their sons, Damon and Stefan. The Salvatores had a number of servants.[3]



"We began to search the gardens, calling Katherine's name. I remember just what everything looked like that day. The sun was shining on the high cypress trees and the pines in the garden."

The estate had a scrupulously landscaped garden with box hedges[4] and cypress and pine trees.[5] There was also a fountain,[6] by which Katarina von Swartzschild told Stefan that she was a vampire. At the end of the garden and a little way into the grounds was a low wall beside a lemon tree,[7] which was a favorite place of Katarina's and where she faked her death.


  • Dining room: Food was served by serving girls, whose blood tempted Stefan during dinner while Katarina's blood was in his system.[8]
  • Giuseppe's study[9]: The study had tiled floors[10] and at least one chair.[11] It was large enough to accommodate Giuseppe, both his sons, and several servants.[12]
  • Katarina's rooms: A number of chambers used by Katarina von Swartzschild and her maid, Gudren, during their stay at the house. Katarina spent most hours of daylight in her chambers, claiming that she had her "studies and devotions",[13] though she was, in reality, avoiding the sunlight.
  • Stefan's bedroom: Stefan's bedroom contained a bed with curtains around it.[14]


Notes and referencesEdit

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