Sophia[1] Alpert
Biographical information

Before 1932[2]


Gramma (by Tyrone and Jayneela Alpert)



Physical description




Hair colour
  • Iron-gray[3]
  • Salt-and-pepper[4] (formerly)
Skin colour

Dark brown[5]

Family information
Family members

Doctor in Fell's Church[6]


Alpert family

" [...] Dr. Alpert, Fell's Church's local doctor, who had iron gray hair, burnished dark brown skin, and an absolutely pragmatic attitude about everything, including magic. Unlike the police, she refused to deny what was happening in front of her, and did her best to help alleviate the fears of the children as well as to advise the terrified parents."

Dr. Sophia[1] Alpert (b. before 1932[2]) was a doctor at Fell's Church, Virginia who visited and treated her patients at home rather than working at the clinic. She had a daughter, who gave Dr. Alpert two grandchildren — Tyrone and Jayneela. She was known locally for her old-fashioned methods of doctoring and distributing medicines in her SUV.[6]


"Old Dr. Alpert was an institution in Fell's Church: a doctor who even made house calls, in a country where carrying around a little black bag and stethoscope was pretty much unheard-of behavior."

Sophia Alpert was born before 1932,[2] and was a resident of Fell's Church, Virginia. She would later wish that she had been a girl scout as a child, but acknowledged that times were different during her childhood.[7]

Alpert became a doctor, independent of the clinic, and her interest in herbs and alternative medicine led to her befriending Theophilia Flowers and Orime Saitou. At some point, she had a daughter who, as a result of a relationship with a man, gave Dr. Alpert two grandchildren named Tyrone and Jayneela.

In the summer of 1992, Dr. Alpert was called to the Saitou house by "Jim Bryce" (actually a shapeshifted Shinichi) to see to Isobel Saitou, who was mutilating herself thanks to a malach possession.[8] Upon her arrival, she tended to "Jim", who Isobel had hit over the head with a lamp, and took "Jim", Isobel and "Obaasan Saitou" (Misao disguised as Inari's alias) to her car, planning on taking them to the hospital in Ridgemont. However, a falling tree blocked their path, and the sound of nearby malach caused Isobel to run into the Old Wood, Alpert, "Jim" and "Obaasan" chasing after her.[9]

In the woods, Alpert, "Jim" and "Obaasan" ran into Meredith Sulez, Bonnie McCullough, Matt Honeycutt and Theophilia Flowers, with whom she was friendly. They found their way to a fake version of the Flowers boardinghouse, where Shinichi and Misao revealed themselves. She, along with the rest of the group, were to be sacrificed for the Moonspire ceremony, but was saved by Elena Gilbert.

Physical descriptionEdit

Sophia Alpert had dark-brown skin[5] and short salt-and-pepper hair,[4] which was later iron-gray.[3] She had a brusque and calming voice,[10] which was "both crusty and kind".[11]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Dr Alpert had ruffled her own iron-gray hair with her fingers, then ruffled her son’s black hair fondly. "I was, Mom. We were just leaving when you came in.""
  • In The Return: Nightfall, it is made clear that Tyrone and Jayneela are Alpert's grandchildren. However, in The Return: Shadow Souls, Alpert and Tyrone are referred to as being mother and son. Given that this is the only instance where Tyrone is said to be her son, and that Tyrone is said to be her grandson just ten chapters before, this is considered to be a mistake rather than a retcon.


Notes and referencesEdit

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