Theophilia Flowers's Model T Ford Sedan
Vehicle information

Ford Sedan


Model T


Bright yellow


Theophilia Flowers

"She's served this family for nearly a hundred years, and she's accumulated some rust and damage. But she goes almost thirty miles an hour on paved roads!"
Theophilia Flowers[src]

This Model T Ford Sedan was owned by the family of Theophilia Flowers, who called it the Yellow Carriage. It was bright yellow, and owned by the family from at least 1914, though presumably earlier given that Theophilia's mother had a strong opinion of it.

Matt Honeycutt and Tyrone Alpert were surprised by the car, and were enthusiastic with the idea of repairing and repainting it. Theophilia was glad that they planned on repainting it the same shade of yellow, feeling that her mother would have objected to any other color.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Theophilia Flowers: That was what dear Mama was waiting for you to say, young man. Now, if you had said, 'We'll paint her burgundy' or 'blue' or any other color, I'm sure she would have objected. (The Return: Shadow Souls - Chapter 31)

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