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"It's a bad time to be outside. But as my mother always said, two witches are better than one."
Theophilia Flowers[src]

This woman (known to her daughter as Mama; d.1901[1]) was a psychic, and mother of both Theophilia Flowers and her brother. She and her husband owned what would become Flowers boardinghouse.



"Of course, I had to get over my prejudices. Dear Mama always said that if I kept the place, I might have to take in boarders, and to be sure not to take in foreigners."
Theophilia Flowers[src]

Theophilia's mother was a psychic (taking after her own mother) who lived in Fell's Church, where her family had lived since the pioneering days. She married a man and had a daughter, Theophilia, and a son.

While her husband was still alive, she and Theophilia would have Christmas parties at their house, to which they would invite all of their friends. The parties apparently stopped after her husband's death.[2]

She frequently told her daughter that she might have to take in boarders should she wish to keep the house, and not to take in foreigners.[3] She also said that men seemed to have been born under a different Sun to the one that women are, commenting on the differences between the sexes.[4]

She was a fan of playwright Christopher Marlowe.[5]

In deathEdit

"And now, the blond girl is involved as well... poor young thing. I often speak to Mama about it."

Theophilia's mother continued to communicate with her daughter as a ghost following her death in 1901, as did her own mother. She often spoke to her about the supernatural goings-on in Fell's Church, including the supposed death of Elena Gilbert.[6]

She was unusually silent towards her daughter on the day of the children's meeting in the Old Wood, and would only tell her that the meeting would be very noisy and then very quiet.[7] She was later most insistent while Theophilia went over Rich Mossberg's badge, which had been procured by his death.[8]

When Matt Honeycutt and Tyrone Alpert discussed their plans to repair Theophilia's Model T Ford Sedan, her mother was waiting for Tyrone to suggest repainting it with the same yellow.[9]

While Elena Gilbert, Matt, Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez discussed going to college, Theophilia's mother told her daughter that they should conserve their strength and take things as they come, sounding worried given her inability to perceive the whole future.[10] She then told them that whatever was fated to happen to the town was soon to occur.[11]

After Meredith found out about Cristian, Theophilia drugged her at her mother's suggestion, to calm her down.[12] She had also cryptically told her daughter that it was time that she and her allies looked into things directly, advising her to call Matt to join them.[13] As Elena decided to leave to look for him with Stefan Salvatore, Theophilia told her that her mother said that he was not in Fell's Church, to take Saber (which she refused to do) and that she would do her utmost for them because of their devotion.[14]

She later told Theophilia that keeping Misao's star ball in a safe was the right thing to do,[15] and shrieked "What are you doing, letting a kitsune in the house?" after "Stefan" crossed the threshold, warning her that it was Shinichi in disguise.[16]

When Matt mentioned hearing a crying sound in his house, Theophilia suggested that it could be a ghost, though she doubted it, closing her eyes to communicate with her mother. She told her that he should search for the ghost, and listen to what it had to say.[17]

She later told Theophilia that a "terrible tragedy" was coming, alluding to the Last Midnight.[18] To help Theophilia fight against Inari Saitou, she and her mother combined with her as one, restoring her to her youth and affording her greater power.[19] They agreed that the town needed healing.[20]

While Mrs Flowers attempted to locate Damon Salvatore's soul, the only help her mother would offer was the suggestion of allowing Bonnie to try her hand at dowsing.[21]

In September, 2014, she and her mother spoke to Theophilia about her prediction that Elena was in danger from a Salvatore. The two were very "oracular", with her Theophilia's mother giving a passage from Doctor Faustus and her grandmother from A Midsummer Night's Dream.[22]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Let's just take things as they come, shall we, my dears? Mama says that we need to keep up our strength. She sounds worried to me you know, she can't foresee everything that happens."

Theophilia's mother was subject to the prejudices of her age; she warned her daughter not to take in foreigners should she ever take in boarders to afford to keep the house.[3] She was also greatly distrusting of kitsune, shrieking at her daughter after she unknowingly allowed one into her home.[16] In death, she was fastidious in her duty to protect Fell's Church, regularly advising her daughter and having advice for her allies relayed through her.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Foresight: Theophilia's mother had some measure of foresight, though, sometimes, she was only able to detect when destined events would occur, being unable to perceive what the events might actually be.[11] She used this power to help her daughter and her allies.
  • Identification: Theophilia's mother was capable of identifying kitsune even while they were disguised through shapeshifting.[16]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • While Mrs Flowers reverts back to her elderly form following Inari Saitou's defeat, it is not explicitly mentioned if her mother and grandmother left her body or if they remained as one.


Notes and referencesEdit

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