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"Young lady, you are getting on my nerves. The prosecution can care for its own clients – I mean witnesses — "
—Judge Holloway to Gwen Sawicki[src]

Judge Thomas Holloway (fl.2014) was an activated werewolf and judge in Ridgemont, Virginia. He was a friend of Mr Smallwood and/or Mr Forbes.[1] He was a corrupt judge, doing favours for his good friends, and was misogynistic.[2]

In August 2014, Judge Holloway presided over the hearing of Matt Honeycutt, accidentally referring to the defendant, Caroline Forbes, as his client. He gave Matt an unfair trial and, after Saber burst in, changed into wolf-form to form a social bond with him, as did both prosecutors and three of the members of the jury.[2]

Physical descriptionEdit

"She was staring at a small wolf, with patches of thinning hair, that came limping down from the judge's chair to cavort around Saber, who was accepting all such gestures with dignity."

In wolf-form, Judge Holloway was smaller than the average wolf, and had thinning hair and a limp.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is uncertain as to whether Judge Holloway was working for the interests of Mr Forbes or Mr Smallwood.


Notes and referencesEdit

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