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"I love you too much to leave you, dear father, even if I must wear a human shape all my life."
—The Shogun's youngest daughter[src]

The Shogun (fl. between 1192[1] and 1714[2]) was a Japanese military governor. His estate was home to a number of kitsune, who were believed to cause small pranks and mischief. However, after the crops in the fields were ruined, the kitsune were accused, and the Shogun rallied his household to flush out and kill them.[3]

However, the night before the culling was to take place, the Shogun dreamt of a beautiful kitsune woman, who offered herself to be killed so long as the rest of the kitsune be left unharmed. The Shogun agreed and met with her at dawn. However, he was unable to kill her, and instead asked that she marry him. She accepted, and the two had many children.[3]

While on a journey, the Shogun accidentally killed a fox. Returning home to explain to his wife that it had been unintentional, he found that she and all but one of their children had left. Their youngest daughter remained, willing to live a life as a human to be with him.[3]


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