Shogun's estate
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" Mukashi-mukashi, or as you say, long ago in the times of legend, a great Shogun became angry at all the kitsune on his estate for the mischief they made. For many long years they were up to all sorts of pranks, but when he suspected them of ruining the crops in the fields, that was it. He roused every man and woman in his household, and told them to take sticks and arrows and rocks and hoes and brooms and flush out all the foxes that had dens on his estate , even the ones between the attic and the roof."
Inari Saitou[src]

The Shogun's estate was a property in Japan. It was home to many dens of kitsune, who often caused mischief but also ate the rats, mice and insects that would otherwise threaten the crops growing in the fields. The household was roused by the Shogun to kill the kitsune, before he fell in love with one (possibly Inari Saitou), who he married and had children with. However, only his youngest daughter remained after he accidentally killed a fox while on a journey.[1]


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