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"I think you'd better leave now. Leave us alone. Can't you see what you're doing to her?"
—Mrs Bennett[src]

Mrs Bennett (fl.1996-2014) was the wife of Mr Bennett and mother of Vickie.


In September, 2014, Vickie was attacked by Katarina von Swartzschild, leaving her psychologically scarred. Feinberg told Mrs Bennett to keep her in bed, which she did.[1]

Bonnie McCullough: "Well, I did hear that her parents were getting her a psychiatrist."
Elena Gilbert: "A shrink? Why?"
Bonnie McCullough: "Well... I guess they think that those things she told us were hallucinations or something. And I heard her nightmares are pretty bad."
Bonnie and Elena[src]

Mrs Bennett allowed Elena Gilbert, Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez to see Vickie, although she asked that they not keep her from her rest too long. Vickie started screaming after seeing Elena, prompting Bonnie to call for Mrs Bennett. She returned to the room and pushed the girls aside, asking what they did to her and telling them to leave. They did so.[1] Mrs Bennett and her husband decided to get Vickie a psychiatrist.[2]

Stefan Salvatore: "How many people in the house?"
Damon Salvatore: "Two. Man and woman. The woman's drunk."
Stefan and Damon[src]

Following the attack at the Forbes house, Mrs Bennett and her husband refused to let anybody see their, once again, mentally disturbed daughter.[3] Mrs Bennett turned to alcohol.[4] As part of the group's investigation into Klaus, Damon Salvatore put the Bennett couple to sleep one night so that they could talk to Vickie. Stefan Salvatore gave Vickie vervain, instructing her to hide it in every room in the house and in her parents' clothes, as well as telling her that they must not invite anybody into the house.[5] Mr and Mrs Bennett later kept Vickie home rather than allowing her to attend her graduation ceremony, saying that she was in "no fit state" to go out.[6]

Vickie was later found brutally killed in her bedroom. The police were called, and a woman — possibly Mrs Bennett — was screaming outside the house. The police believed that Vickie was mentally unbalanced, and had committed suicide with a pair of scissors. They went further to speculate that she may have done this for killing Sue Carson.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the television series, Vicki's mother is a promiscuous woman with a fondness for alcohol. She abandoned her children in favor of a romantic relationship that ultimately failed.


Notes and referencesEdit

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