Baron von Swartzschild
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Widowed (presumably)

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Katarina von Swartzschild (daughter) †


Land baron


Von Swartzschild family

"Your father should be returning from his business in the city today, and he will be delighted to see you."
Giuseppe Salvatore to Katarina[src]

Baron von Swartzschild (fl. 15th century) was a wealthy German nobleman and father of Katarina, who he was very fond of and chose not to force her to marry against her will.[1]

After Katarina's prolonged illness got worse, the Baron took her to Florence, Italy to recover,[2] unaware that Klaus had turned her into a vampire upon Gudren's urging.[1]

The Baron had business in Florence the day that Damon Salvatore quit the University.[2]

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Notes and referencesEdit

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